The Advance-Order Retro-Booster is live for our BRAND NEW Horror Range "Sharp Distinction" - which will include all sorts of Lovecraft, TV and Movie, Monsters and Characters.

We've decided to make the Sharp Distinction Retro-Booster much more simple, with a set range of Miniatures to pre-order over a slightly longer period of time - with no Unlocks to stretch for.

All the items here are up for Pre-Order as part of the latest "Retro-Booster" Promotion, estimated Shipping is the first quarter 2017 (so again much faster than a Kickstarter).

This Particular Retro-Booster will run until early in the New Year, and is more limited in scope than the last one - making it much more customer friendly.!/Sharp-Distinction-Pre-Order-Page/c/21451007

OK, heres a few Questions I have been asked.

Why Not Kickstarter - Crowd Funding platforms take a large chunk of cash off the top, and you can wait up to eight weeks for funds. By operating a rolling pre-order system we at Nexus can get to work faster, and use more of the money for product and running the website.

Why So Close to the Last Retro-Booster - There are a few reasons actually. First, we want this to be a rolling thing, allowing us to release the products our customers want on a more regular basis. Second, Sharp Distinction was actually supposed to be before the Red Sector/S.D.Z.A. Booster - but things weren't quite ready to press forward. Lastly, the Retro-Boosters are VERY customer friendly - allowing purchases and add-ons to be done at leisure over a period of time (and yes, there will be a "no additional postage" code for folks how want to add things gradually to spread the cost). Lastly, we expect to get folks ordering Sharp Distinction that didn't order anything from the last Retro Booster too.

When will my Sharp Distinction Miniatures ship to me - as this is a rolling thing, the minute the last Retro-Booster Miniatures are cast and ready to ship these will be a go - I'm expecting to ship first quarter 2017.